Sri Lankan Call of Duty 4 online servers

Hi everyone, Now a days games help us to relax & enjoy the free time. Most of the gamers like shooting games, especially they like to play multiplayer games. There are lots of multiplayer games in the world, but Call Of Duty 4 (COD 4) plays a significant role in it. Some people play COD with friends in Local Area Network(LAN). But there are lots of online servers on the Internet to play COD. You can find online servers when you open COD, but you don’t know its best or not. SO I am going to mention the top COD4 servers & their Internet Protocol(IP) addresses in Sri Lanka by their rank.

How to connect with a Call of Duty 4 Online Server your console in your COD
2.type connect (Ip address of the server): (Port)
3.Hit Enter

Call of Duty 4 Sri Lankan Server List

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