Lanka Bell 4G Price, Packages & Speed Details – Is it worth to give a try ?

Lanka Bell is one of the biggest mobile carriers in Sri Lanka. They provide both broadband and 4g connections for their users. But nowadays who wants broadband when there is a connection which is faster than broadband and portable? Although we can’t assume that their connection would be fast because it’s named 4G, right? So here today we’re going to discuss everything about Lanka Bell 4G such as connection fees, their package details, router they provide for the connection and most importantly how their speed works. Let’s get into this.

Lanka Bell 4G


The initial payment for your Lanka Bell 4G new connection is Rs.2990. They will provide you with the device at no extra cost. After that, your monthly rental will be redeemed according to your package.


1.1 Bell 4G  Internet Packages

I have included all the details of internet packages such as connection fee, monthly rental, allocated data & excess usage per GB.

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If your allocated data ended, you can add additional data from the Lanka Bell official site. I mentioned the additional data rent.

1.2 Bell 4G Unlimited Broadband Packages

Lanka Bell is offering unlimited data. If you are working as a blogger or freelancer, it’s better to go to unlimited data. They are offering unlimited data for preset download speed & upload speed. You can choose your package as you want. Let’s get into it.

PackagesSpeed D/UConnection FeesMonthly RentalDay DataNight DataAdditional GB
Starter Pack4Mbps/1Mbps5,00095025 GB25 GBRs.99/-
Intro Pack4Mbps/1Mbps5,0001,35035 GB35 GBRs.99/-
Family Pack4Mbps/1Mbps5,0003,50070 GB70 GBRs.99/-
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2. How about the WIFI speed of bell 4G

As we know, 4G is the fastest network in Sri Lanka now. Lanka Bell also offers 4G wifi networks. it’s worth to use in most popular town areas. They are expanding their network now. In peak time you can get 4MBPS download speed & 1 MBPS upload speed. In off-peak time, download speed goes to 10MBPS sometimes & upload speed 4MBPS. For unlimited data packages, you can select your download speed.

3. Some other details about Lanka Bell

  • The monthly payment I mentioned in Bell 4g is only for dynamic IP, If you want static IP, you should pay 1500 extra for that.
  • If you are going to downgrade your package, an additional charge of 1000 (exclude tax) should be paid for that.
  • The package upgrade is totally free & the monthly payment will be changed automatically to the last package you activate.
  • All of the rentals I specified above are without taxes.

If you want any other details about Lanka Bell’s services, just put a comment

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