How To Hide Your SLT WiFi Network

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Nowadays we are using wifi to access the internet. Sometimes we forget to change the default password of WiFi or set a weak password.

Modifying the wifi password into a secure password is necessary. If you want to secure your WiFi network, read: “How to secure your wifi network.

Sometimes your password strength doesn’t matter; some hackers can break into your network. For that, we can hide our WiFi network from others.

Sometimes it will help you to avoid sharing your Internet with those you don’t like. If they can’t find the network how can they connect? It is a pretty good idea, right?

Let’s learn how to do that step by step!

Hide your SLT WiFi Network

1. Type the Ip address of your router (mostly it will be, which is in the bottom of the router) in the browser’s bar & hit Enter.

2. It will open a pop-up & will ask you to type the router username & password. Username is always admin & the default password is also admin. If you have changed that already you have to type that password there.

3. After that go to the wifi settings.

4. Scroll your mouse down. You can find an option called Broadcast SSID. Click No as the option there.


That’s it. You have successfully hidden your wifi network. Quite easy. Isn’t it??

Now we have hidden the WiFi network, but how to access it if it is hidden?

That is also easy. but for that, you have to know your WiFi SSID. that means you should know your WiFi name.

Access Hidden WiFi Network.

The only way to access a hidden WiFi network is by having the WiFi name and password.

Accessing hidden network in Windows

  1. Go to your WiFi settings
  2. Click on Hidden Network & click continue
  3. It will ask you to Enter the SSID name. Type your hidden SSID name there in the space & hit next.
  4. Finally, it will ask the password for the Hidden network. Enter your password & click on next 
  5. That’s all. You have successfully connected.

Accessing hidden network in Mac

  1. Select WiFi icon in status bar (top bar)
  2. Select Join other networks
  3. Type the WiFi name
  4. Select Security type
  5. Type in your WiFi password.
  6. Click on join

That’s all you have connected to a hidden WiFi network in Mac

Accessing hidden network in iPhone

  1. Open settings on your iPhone
  2. Click on Wi-Fi
  3. There is an option name called Other… click on it.

4. It will open a window like this.

5. Enter the name of the hidden network in the space. (You have to consider about the small & capital letters in the hidden network name)

6. Then go to the Security option & select your wifi security(Nowadays mostly it’s WPA2 )

7. Finally type your password correctly & click on join.

Accessing hidden network in Android

  1. Go to WiFi settings in your mobile
  2. Click on Add network 
  3. It will ask you to type the Network name, type your network name there. 
  4. Select your Security type & Enter the password in the given space. That’s all.

This tutorial is done in SLT wifi network. If you are using other wifi networks, do not worry. Follow the same steps for them also. So now you can hide your WiFi network from other people and you know how to access your hidden network to your mobile phones & laptops. If you have any questions or doubts, leave a comment below. Stay tuned for more interesting posts.

Happy browsing 😀

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