How to Check SLT Broadband Internet Usage Online

Sri Lanka Telecom provides an affordable broadband connection in Sri Lanka for students, home, and office usage. They have several broadband packages with different bandwidth which suits the needs of different people. All these packages’ remaining bandwidth can be checked by SLT Usage Meter.

1. Why do you want to check your SLT Broadband internet connection usage?

SLT Broadband includes SLT ADSL, SLT 4G, SLT Fibre or SLT FTTx.

SLT Offers 4Mbps – 16Mbps connection to its SLT ADSL user (the speed of different connection differs but they fall within this range), 100Mbps connection to its SLT Fibre user (SLT FTTx user) and 8Mbps connection to SLT 4G user. But after exceeding allocated bandwidth limit, the connection speed will be reduced 64Kbps. To avoid this speed reduction of  SLT Broadband (SLT ADSL or SLT 4G or SLT FTTx), you can plan your usage by frequently checking the internet usage online.

Now let’s get to the subject. How to do it? Well, follow the following steps to check your SLT Broadband Internet usage.

2. Steps check SLT Broadband usage

  1. Goto SLT Usage Meter page
  2. Click the login button in the blue colour box
  3. That will take you to a login page. You can access it directly by going here.
  4.  You have to register before logging in. So click the Register Now button.
  5. Fill the form.
    To fill the form you need the broadband username, broadband password which is provided by the SLT. They will be given in a printed paper when you obtain your connection.
  6. Click register.
  7. Now go to the login page again
  8. Type your Portal username and Portal Password.
    You might wonder what is portal username?. It is the broadband username. So you should use the broadband username and portal password that you used to register as the login credentials.
  9.  Type the captcha
    Type the image shown in the verify field box. It is case sensitive, so look out for capital and small letters.
  10. Click Login
  11. after logging in navigate to my usage tab.
  12. That’s all

Once you have registered, you don’t have to register again and again.

Please note that above method can use to check the broadband usage of following:

  • SLT Web Lite Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Starter Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Pal Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Family Plus Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Family Extra Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Pro Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Master Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Champ Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Life Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Inspire Internet Usage
  • SLT Web Premier Internet Usage
  • SLT GMOA Package Internet Usage
  • SLT Student Packages Internet Usage

3. How to interpret usage chart

The usage chart or graph will look like as shown above.

There will be two chart

  1. Total Volume
  2. Peak download Volume

These charts will show you the volume that is remaining. So by subtracting the values from your package bandwidth, you can find the broadband usage.

3.1 What is SLT Peak download volume?

Normally SLT considers the bandwidth that can be used in the peak time as peak download volume. That is from 08:00h to 23:59h (08.00 a.m to 11.59p.m).

Any data usage within this period is considered as Peak Data Usage.

3.2 What is SLT Off-Peak download volume?

It is the opposite of peak download volume. That is the bandwidth that can be used from 00.00h to 07:59h (00.00 a.m to 7.59 a.m)

3.2 what is SLT total download volume?

Combined value of peak download volume and off-peak download volume is considered as the total download volume.

Final Verdicts

You can View SLT BroadBand usage by using above mentioned steps and you don’t need high-level technical skill to interpret the data provided to you.  I hope this would have helped you.

If you have any doubts or problems, you can drop a comment below. I will get back to you within 24hours. Happy Browsing!

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  1. Hello,
    I brought a new connection yesterday. The didn’t gave me a letter or a printed paper where there is the broadband username and password. How can I obtain it? Please help.

    Thank you.

    1. Could you please tell me more about your connection? SLT ADSL or SLT 4G or SLT Fiber.

      It is good to call the SLT customer care and inquire them.

  2. Slt WiFi route balance data check . Slt they gave have a passward but it’s wrong not working . Few time I contact with salt customer center same issue continues.

    1. Could I be able to see the information given by the SLT. (the printed letter).

      if you are willing to share that letter, use to contact me.

  3. What is the data starting and finishing dates? And I have a SLT 4g packege. I couldnt view my data usage? What is the proceedure to view through internet???

  4. I tried to register. but, I couldn’t because server wasn’t accept my portal password. now what can I do to register??

    1. You could recover your account password by using “forgot password” option or call support at 1212. 🙂

      Best regards

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