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Fonts decide how our words appear on the screen. A good font set is needed to achieve good user experience. Constantly new fonts are created with better styling and shared over the internet. Here we will be sharing some Sinhala fonts to be downloaded. We hope these Sinhala fonts will help Sri Lankans.

But before going into the download let’s learn some facts about fonts.

What is the font?

Font means a certain size, weight, and style of a typeface. Nowadays we confuse fonts with the typeface. But both are different. But does it matter? I guess the answer would be no. But it is worth noting.

From where does this word originated?

The word font is derived from a French word “fonte”.  Which means “melted” or “casting”.

I guess this is enough for now. We shall see some additional information in coming articles. Stay tuned to us. Now we shall go to download section.

Free Download Sinhala Fonts

If we take Srilanka, There are three main languages, such as Sinhala, Tamil, English. Today I am going to put some good Sinhala fonts to download. It will help you.

  1. Kandy
  2. Anurathapura
  3. Amalee
  4. Anupama
  5. Anura
  6. A Kandy New
  7. Arathana
  8. Araliya
  9. Sinhala Uni Code 
  10. Sinhala H150
  11. Asgiriya
  12. Ananda
  13. Arjun
  14. Brush
  15. Basuru
  16. Bhanumathi
  17. Bindu
  18. Madura
  19. Madhu
  20. Mahanuwara
  21. Maalan
  22. Malathi
  23. Mano
  24. Manoli
  25. Matara
  26. DL-Kusumi
  27. DL-Paras
  28. DL-Ridma
  29. DL-Sarala
  30. FM-Derena
  31. FM-Emanee
  32. FM-Ganganee
  33. FM-Samantha
  34. FM-Sandhyanee
  35. Hansika
  36. Gemunu
  37. Chamara
  38. Chami
  39. Damindu
  40. Dasuni
  41. Hemawathi
  42. Kelani
  43. Kapila
  44. Kaputa
  45. Kinduru
  46. Lankanatha
  47. Lankapura
  48. Lankathilaka
  49. Lawanya
  50. Lihini

I only mentioned the best 50 sinhala fonts. If you want any other fonts don’t forget to leave a comment.

Thank You . Happy browsing 😀

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