Effective ways to Earn Money Online

Recently, one of my facebook friends shared a post with adf.ly URL.

So, I asked him why are you using adf. ly? And he replied, to earn money.

At that time, I got a thing that most of the Sri Lankans search google for the keyword “Make Money Online” and end their day with some PTC , URL shorteners and even with some SPAM sites.

That’s made me to write this guide. Hope this will be the last place to find the best ways to earn money online.

In this post I didn’t recommend PTC, GPT sites because the earnings from those sites are not worth to the time you spent with them.

Best Ways to Earn Money Online

If you want to earn some extra cash apart from your pocket money start your journey from one of these methods.

Here is the list of some genuine online money making methods that will help you to earn some bucks.

1. Video Monetization

Everyone knew that you can earn money from YouTube by uploading videos. But it’s not just only YouTube that allow users to monetize videos. There are lot of sites and apart from Youtube I prefer DailyMotion.

2. Sell Video Courses

If you can make a video course for teach something, you can make one and monetize it by selling it to the wide market.

Udemy is one of best marketplace. Give it a try.

3. Sell Photos

Personally I know lot of people who are crazy about photography. They take a lot of awesome photos and keep it somewhere on their PC. Because they don’t know the method to monetize it.

Sell on the wide market and earn huge money from it. Shutterstock is the great place for such works.

But, don’t underestimate their system and upload other’s works. That won’t work here.

4. Sell your Digital Products

Do you know web developing or web design? Develop or Design your own web template and sell it on ThemeForest.

You can also sell logo, icons set PSD’s on their other marketplace GraphicRiver.

Apart from those things you can also sell audios, videos too. All you need is unique audio that impress buyers.

5. Freelancing


Freelancer is a self-employed person offering services to multiple client at a time.

There are lot of sites for freelancers where you can have get some projects to do.

If you are good at something you can bank something from it by offering a service on those sites.

We will discuss more about freelancing on our upcoming posts. Before that you can give try to these freelancing sites, Freelancer.com , Upwork.com , Fiverr.com

6. Blogging

Blogging is kinda hard work for newbies. But I mentioned it here because I’m a blogger and I’ve already earned few $$$$ from Blogging.

But, if someone tells you blogging is easy run as fast as you can from them.

It’s not a one day/ week thing to make money from Blogging. You should have patience and passion towards it.

What is Blogging?

There are millions of answers  in google for this question.

Don’t panic! I won’t share every answer here. To understand the word Blogging you must be aware of two other words Blog and Blogger.

Here is the simple definitions for all three words by John Saddington.

Blog – A blog originally came from the word ‘weblog’ or a ‘web log’. You can think of it as an online journal or diary, although blogs are used for much more now, like online journalism.
Blogger – A blogger is someone who blogs, or writes content for a blog.
Blogging – Blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog.

Why Blogging?

Unlike other money making methods in blogging you can brand yourself. And apart from branding, you can also monetize your blogs in different ways. Some are,

  • Advertising
    You can earn money by placing ads on your blogs. For this purpose I always choose Adsense, although adsense is the best ad network. Apart from adsense you can also use Media.net, Infolinks etc etc.
  • Affiliates
    In affiliate marketing you act like a middle man and sell other’s products to your blog visitors to earn some commissions. There are lot of affiliate programs are there in the market. But you have to choose the legit product to promote. Because in blogging industry it’s all about Trust. Promote products related to your blog niche will help you to increase the conversion rate.
  • Sell Products/ Services
    In the above I said about affiliate marketing where we are promoting other’s products, we can also promote our own products or services. For example if you are good at writing you can use your own blog as portfolio to get some Content writing jobs. And you can sell your books, podcasts etc.
  • Sponsored posts
    Sponsored posts/paid posts are basically like a TV/Newspaper advertising. A company will pay you for publishing a article about their brand or product on your blog.

If you are interested in Blogging and don’t know where to start? We have published a how-to guide to help you. Check it now and create your blog within 15mins.

Final Verdict

So, we are come to end of this post. Apart from all these methods there are lot of other ways to make bucks online. But these are some efficient ways to earn money. I’ll try my best to update the posts frequently with all those methods so don’t forget to subscribe for our email newsletter. Keep visiting. 🙂

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