Dialog Starpoints to Dialog Reload – Guide

If you are a Dialog user, you might have definitely heard of Dialog Starpoints. Well, the good news is starpoints can be used to reload your Dialog postpaid or Dialog prepaid connection. let’s see how to recharge your dialog account with starpoints.

1. What are Dialog Starpoints?

Starpoints is a Dialog reward system. Each time when you make a reload or make purchases with the dialog partnered vendors you will receive starpoints.

2. How to check the balance Star points on dialog Sim.

  1. Dial #141# .
  2. Among the options displayed, you have to select first option “Your Balance” to check your balance star points and in order to select that option send number “1” as reply.
  3. In another wizard you will be displayed with some more options, this time go with the option “Total points”. For this purpose also you have to reply number “1”
  4. That’s it. Now a wizard will display your balance star points.

Now if you feel the that you are eligible to redeem the points, decide the amount of star points to be converted as reload.

Here in this example, Im going to get a reload of Rs. 49.19 since i have 149.29 starpoints


3. Method to convert Starpoints as reload.

Simple steps, just type ”Star pay 49.19” (Here , 49.19 amount of star points to be converted as reload) and send it to 141

Note: While composing the message take care of spaces among words.(i.e Star(space)pay(space)Amount )

After sending the message, you will receive a confirmation SMS about your cash reload.

4. Limitations on using Dialog Starpoints

You can change only the points that are present in excess to the 100 points. This is the only condition that you have to pass in order to convert dialog starpoints to reload.

For an example: If you have 230 starpoints , then you can change 130 points as your reload (230 – 100 = 130 )).

5. For your knowledge

If you are interested in helping others, you can donate your points to some charitable organizations.

5.1 To donate startpoints to charitable organizations:

Dial #141# and select the 6th option “Donate Points” and follow the instructions to donate your star points.

If you have any doubts, feel free to comment.

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  1. You r a life saver dude …..
    From the app it got rejected saying there’s a system upgrade …. and this method worked …..

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