Dialog 4G Home Broadband Internet Packages

Dialog, which is one of the Mobile carriers in Sri Lanka is offering 4G Home broadband connections. These Dialog 4G Internet connections are available in different packages. I’m going to discuss them here.

1. What are the advantages of Dialog 4G Internet connection?

The main advantage is mobility. Traditional ADSL Broadband connection requires a land line. Which means you cannot use it elsewhere without a working landline connection. But 4G broadband connections can be utilized wherever there is a reception.

The second advantage is Dialog covers most of the areas in Sri Lanka. They provide 4G netwrok coverage in most of the main cities; this means you can have the internet connection wherever you move. It is useful for people like me. I always move around from city to city

Thirdly, they are cheaper when compared to mobile broadband packages offered by Dialog.

2. Dialog 4G Home Broadband Packages details and comparison:

Package and Monthly RentConnection feesTotal Volume (GB)Any TimeNight time 0.00 to 8.00 AM
Mini Rs 600/=3900/=115.55.5
Starter Rs 900/=2900/=221111
Lite Rs 1400/= + tax2900/=5527.527.5
Lite Plus Rs.2900/=1900/=9949.549.5
Ultra Rs.3900/=1900/=1326666
Office Ultra 6900/=1900/=220110110
Office Plus 9900/=1900/=330165165
Booster 16400/=1900/=550275275
Mega Booster 29900/=1900/=1100550550

3. Additional Information for Dialog 4G Home Broadband Packages

3.1 Speed

The speed of these packages vary. To know about the speed, read individual package details.

3.2 Dialog 4G home Broadband hotline

Call Hotline: 011 7 100 100 for more information and to clarify your doubts

3.3 Dialog 4G home broadband data usage via SMS

Type: BB <space> Usage <usage> Dialog Home Broadband Number and send it to 678

Replace Dialog Home Broadband Number with your Home Broadband number. This is accessible only via Dialog mobile.

3.4 Additional Data extension price details.

You can add extra data to your account to browse the internet with the package internet speed even after finishing all your data bandwidth.

Price details for extra data:
[wpsm_comparison_table id=”9″ class=”center-table-align”]

3.5 How to add additional data and extend the dialog 4G Home broadband bandwidth

  1. To extend Dialog 4G Home Broadband bandwidth Via SMS

    For 01GB extension: BB <space> 1More<space> Home Broadband Number

    For 05GB extension: BB <space> 5More <space> Home Broadband Number

    For 10GB extension: BB <space> 10More <space> Home Broadband Number

    For 15GB extension: BB <space> 15More <space> Home Broadband Number

    and From your Dialog Mobile: Send to 678
    or if you are using other Mobile Networks: Send to 0777678678

  2. You can extend Dialog 4G Home Broadband data via web portal
  3. You can extend Dialog 4G Home Broadband data via Selfcare app

If you have a dialog mobile and want to know about the Service USSD codes for Dialog, read here.

I think this will help you. If you have any doubts or want any additional information, feel free to drop a comment below.

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