How To Create Your Apple ID Without Credit Card

Well, create Apple ID without credit card isn’t that hard as you think it is. Apple ID is the essential need of every iPhone. iPad, iPod or Mac users. Apple ID is used to access apple’s services and more often to download and install apps. But sometimes when you create an Apple ID you are requested to provide a credit card (Mostly a card that can be used to make some payments). But is that necessary? Well, you can create an Apple ID without credit card.

But How?

You are here for that. Right? We will present you the steps to obtain an Apple ID without credit card.

How To Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

1. Go to Itunes on your PC or Mac

If you don’t have an Itunes installed, please Install it. You can download it from Apple’s official website.

2. Click on Store button (as shown in the picture)


3.  Click on Music button on the left side of the iTunes.

create apple id

4. Then it will open some options select “Apps” on it.

If you don’t have “Apps” option there, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the music button as I mentioned earlier.
  • Then click on edit menu
    Create apple id free
  • Then select “Apps” on it & hit on Done button
  • Free Apple ID
  • That’s it. Now you can find “Apps” button there.

5.  After that type any app(for example WhatsApp) in the search bar which is positioned in the right top corner of the iTunes.

6. Click on the Get button in that app.

7.  It will open a pop-up & ask you to enter your apple id. Since you don’t have an Apple ID now, click on  “Create New Apple ID.”

8. Click on continue

9.  Then tick on the license agreement that you accept it & click on continue.

10.  It will ask some details, fill them with your details. (Remember that you can’t put the same mail for the rescue mail.)

how to create apple id

11. Then it will ask you the payment method & your billing address. Select none in payment method & fill the billing form with your details.

apple id free

12. After finish, these things click on “Create Apple ID.”


apple id

13. That’s it; you have successfully created your Apple ID without Credit card or any other type of card payment. A verification mail will be sent to your mail address, open that mail & confirm your identity.

Final Verdicts

I hope this ‘How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card’ guide is useful for those who is struggling to create Apple ID. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends. They might not have seen such article yet. Thank you 🙂

If you have any doubts in this article, Leave a comment below.

Happy Browsing 😀

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