How to create a website or blog in 15 mins!

Online presence is essential for a business nowadays. People look for businesses using the internet. So websites play a major role in reaching your customer. So how to create a website or blog? Will it be time-consuming? Let’s see it here.

You can create your website within 15 minutes in three simple steps.

  • Choose your platform
  • Select domain and host.
  • Setup, Design and Launch your Site.

Are you confused about these terms? Don’t panic. We’ll guide you through.

1. Choose Platform for your Site.

1.1 What is Platform?

In the past, you have to write codings to create your website. But nowadays, there is no need for coding skills to create your blog/ site.

There are lots of free and paid platforms available to launch your fully functional blog/site within 15 minutes.

These are some most used or popular platforms you can use to launch your website/blog.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

From the above platforms, we recommend WordPress and will explain everything you should know about it.

1.2 Why WordPress?

We recommend WordPress as it’s free, secure, easy to manage and SEO friendly content management system.

 WordPress, simply referred as WP, has both free and paid versions. But unlike some other platform, you can use free version without any barriers on your host.

 Apart from above pros, WP also has some other good things,

  • A lot of Themes and Plugins – As it’s an open source project, a lot of developers are there around the world who are developing free and paid themes & plugins for WordPress.
  • Easy to Customize – When compared to Blogger, it’s easy to customize a WP blog. You can even customize it without coding skills with the use of the Drag & Drop Plugins.

2. Choose Domain and Hosting

Okay! You’ve successfully chosen the platform for your blog/site. What is next?We have to choose the domain and hosting for your blog. Domain and Hosting plays an important role to run an online business in a success way.

We have to choose the domain and hosting for your blog. Domain and Hosting plays an important role to run an online business in a success way.

2.1 Domain

You have to take care of few things while choosing a domain name for your online empire. 🙂

  • Ease – It should be easy to read, remember and simple to say.
  • Domain Extensions – Apart from .COM, .NET, .ORG nowadays we have a lot of domain extensions like. LK, .IN, .CO, .Host etc etc.
    But you have to choose a right extension for your online business because that will be your domain name for all the coming years.
    If you are going to target people living in SRI LANKA, better register a .LK domain.
  • SEO – Hopefully you might not be familiar with this word SEO. It’s an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation.
    We can discuss it in the upcoming posts. You should buy a domain name related to your business.
  • Trademarks & Copyright – This one is critical.
    Because if you ignore this thing, you might end up with some legal problems. So check trademarks before buying the domain.

Buy Domain Name

Where to buy domain names? Most of the people will recommend you to buy it from GoDaddy as it provides some discounts for new users. But I won’t. Why?

With the discounts, you will also start to get receive some spam emails. 😀 Confused? They are selling our emails to the web development agencies. So I don’t want you to suffer from nagging from those agencies.

Try NameCheap; they have a reputable name in Industry with super fast customer support. They won’t provide substantial discounts like GoDaddy.

But unlike GoDaddy, they are offering free who is protection for the first year. 😀 Awesome isn’t it?
Furthermore, their renewal prices are low when compared to Godaddy. Now it’s the time to get your domain from NameCheap.

2.2 Hosting

We need a web host/ server to make our site/blog live on the internet. And it should able to run your preferred platform smoothly.

There are a few types of hosting available like Shared Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Server. You can select the type that suits better for your Blog.

If you starting your company site / own blog, shared hosting is the best option. As there is no need for a lot of resources.

If you are curious to learn more about the hosting, refer here.

Every day, a new company starts to provide hosting service. So, it is kinda hard to select the best company for your hosting needs. So here I’ve listed some popular companies that I trust most.

  • Digital Ocean – Normally called as DO by bloggers and developers. It’s very famous for it’s affordable and speedy VPS hostings.
    They are providing VPS hosting packages starting from $5/Month (750LKR/ Month Approx).
    The only problem with their servers is all we need some coding skills to deploy our blogs/ sites on DO servers.
    Their standard VPS packages starts from $5 per month. Get DigitalOcean now.
  • Interserver – We recommend Interserver as they are NOT owned by EIG (Endurance Group of International), and we used it personally for our Blogs.
    Interserver is impressive as they are super supportive and they also provide hosting at affordable prices.
    You can even pay theme on a monthly basis. Their shared hosting packages starts from $5 per month. Additionally, you can get .COM domain for $1.99. Try Interserver now.
  • Namecheap – Namecheap is another hosting company good enough to host a business site with few thousand views/day.
    As the name suggests, they are very cheap. You can get SSD hosting for $10/year (Only for the first year). Try Namecheap now.

We tried all of these hosting companies for our blogs and client websites. And we are recommending them without any hesitation.

If you have any problem while installing WordPress, do let us know in the comments or you can ask it on our LKBlogger forum.

3. Setup, Design and Launch your Site.

We have chosen the domain and hosting what’s next? Now we are in the blog setup part.

3.1 Install WordPress

Before the setup part, we have to install WordPress on your hosting.

If you have chosen Interserver / Namecheap for your hosting purpose refer this guide to install WordPress.

If you have chosen Digital Ocean it’s not easy as installing WordPress on Interserver/Namecheap. You can refer to the DO guides to install WordPress.

If it doesn’t work out, do let us know. We’ll install WordPress for you.

3.2 Installed WordPress. What’s next?

The next thing is we have to choose the best layout for our blog/site. It’s crucial because it’s the only thing your blog reader/site client gonna see on a regular basis. So consider some things before select theme for your blog.

It’s crucial because it’s the only thing your blog reader/site client gonna see on a regular basis. So consider some things before select theme for your blog.

3.3 Things should consider before choosing themes for blog/website.

  • Simplicity – Never use themes with complicated colors. It’ll irritate your blog visitors. Always try to use simple themes.
  • SEO friendly – Your blog theme plays a vital role in your site’s ranks in SERPs. A poorly coded simple theme might affect your blog performance regarding SEO. You check your theme for SEO friendliness.
  • Responsive – Responsiveness is not an optional thing. You should always use a responsive theme for your blog or site to get good ranks in Google SERP. As Google is widely used by people, you can’t omit their guidelines. You can check your themes responsiveness compatibility by using Google mobile-friendly test page.
  • Browser Compatibility – Apart from Google Chrome users,  others use some other browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc. So your theme should have the cross browser compatibility.
  • Plugins – You won’t get functions like speed optimization, SEO optimizations on all of the themes. This where WordPress plugins come in. You can add these functions by using plugins. So make sure that your theme supports all these main plugins.
  • Translation ready – You can create your WordPress blog in any language. It supports almost all languages. You might get some non-English readers. So it’s better to allow the theme to translate your blog into their preferred language.
  • Theme support – If you have tried to edit your themes and end up with errors, What will happen? You will remove it completely, or you have to end up with paying to a third-party developer. But if you have awesome support from theme developer? That’ll be awesome right? So, always choose themes with good documentation and support

You can’t omit the above things while selecting a theme for your blog. You can get paid and free version WordPress themes online. You can even get the nulled versions too. But never use nulled version. Why? There are few things you should be aware of before choosing a nulled themes for your blog.

You can even get the nulled versions too. But never use nulled version. Why? There are few things you should be aware of before choosing a nulled themes for your blog.

  • Nulled Themes might have backdoors.
  • You won’t get any updates from the developers.
  • You won’t get any help from developers side.

3.4 Where to download themes?

You can download free themes from themes directory.

However, as we told support is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a theme. Free themes do not come with guaranteed support and updates.

Here are some of the theme shops that always provide great support for its customers.

  • Themeforest
  • Themify
  • Elegant Themes
  • StudioPress
  • iThemes

4. Final Verdicts

Hope this guide on how to create a website or blog will help you put the foundation to your online empire. You might see that creating a website or blog is not hard as you thought it would be. If you face any difficulties while start your blog do let me know in the comments or directly ping us on our forum.

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