How to Change SLT ADSL WiFi Password – ZTE ZXV10 W300

SLT offers various type of broadband connections. One of it is ADSL connection. Here we are going to look into how to change the SLT ADSL WiFi password. This particular guide is written for changing WiFi password of  ZTE  ZXV10 W300. ZTE  ZXV10 W300 is the model which is manufactured by ZTE and is one of the standard issue routers of SLT

Steps to change the WiFi password of the SLT ADSL broadband connection – ZTE ZXV10 W300

  1. Open your browser and type and hit the enter.
  2. Then a popup will open and ask for your login credentials. Type username as admin and password as admin and hit the login button. ( It is the default username and password for SLT router configuration page, you can change it anytime after login into the router configuration page)
  3. The router configuration page will open and hit the menu INTERFACE SETUP and then select Wireless (Refer the image below)
  4. Now get to the bottom of the page to the WiFi password section and change the WiFi password.
    Changing the Pre-Shared key will change the password of the WiFi router.
  5. After typing your password scroll down to end of the page hit the save button.
  6. That’s it. You have successfully changed the password.

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