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Make Your Business Advertisements More Efficiently with Avina J


Evolution is happening everywhere, from the DNA of your body to the advertising industry out there in the world. Well, after all these years of effort and innovation, it’s time for the Sri Lankan brands to show off…

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Cheap & Best Web Hosting for Srilankans


Hello folks, this article is entirely focused on the Best Web Hosting for Sri Lankans. You might think that we are going to focus on web hosting services run by Sri Lankan company. But to be exact, there…

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Build Your Online Store. It’s a Piece of Cake with WebXPay


A few weeks back we wrote a post on Create an eCommerce site using Shopify. In this post, we are gonna share an alternative for Shopify but unlike Shopify, it’s a local startup. We don’t know about it…

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FriMi: What is it? How does it work?

FinTech is growing day by day and most of the Srilankan companies are starting to adopt it into their Businesses. Even banks are competing with startups on this matter. Nation Trust Bank(NTB) – one of the finest Srilankan bank,…

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How to Start Your Own e-Commerce Site Right Now


After our recent post how to create a blog, we got few requests to write about creating an e-commerce site. So, here is the step by step guide on building e-commerce site by yourself. Yes, you read it correctly….

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How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta on iPhone and iPad


Apple has rolled iOS 11 public beta to allow iPad and iPhone users to try their new iOS, which came with some good features like Screen Recording, P2P money transfer, customized control center and more. As it’s not…

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Things you should know about Bitcoins


A few days back Bitcoin climbed to an all-time high value up more than 20 percent. Now 1 Bitcoin costs 4300USD, Approximately 657,000LKR. Yes, you read it correctly. The cost of a bitcoin was $0.0001 when it was…

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Payment Gateways in Sri Lanka – Choose the Best


Payment gateways are mandatory things if you are running an e-Commerce site and want to get a huge amount of customer. But choosing the best payment gateway from the bucket is a headache. Because you have to choose…

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Effective ways to Earn Money Online


Recently, one of my facebook friends shared a post with adf.ly URL. So, I asked him why are you using adf. ly? And he replied, to earn money. At that time, I got a thing that most of…

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Your PC might be hacked and locked – Ransomware


A few days back, one of my friends called and asked me, I’m seeing some messages on my desktop asking to pay 500$ to unlock my PC. I understood he is the latest victim of Ransomware attack. But, he…

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