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Evolution is happening everywhere, from the DNA of your body to the advertising industry out there in the world. Well, after all these years of effort and innovation, it’s time for the Sri Lankan brands to show off their new advertising methods with the help of Avina.

Virtual reality, Holographic realities and even augmented reality is ruling the industry, and these realities are overtaking our own realities. Everything that challenges our own reality is nothing but fantasy, and people love fantasy, that’s the new way of attracting consumers to improve your business.


Imagine your product showing up in the showroom or your stores like a holographic image and what if people could interact with it?

Oh yeah, they got it covered. Here at Avina, they have the most advanced technologies all developed exclusively in Sri Lanka to enhance your advertisements with the power of virtual reality and augmentation.

From the application to interact with holographic advertisements to the hardware, they got it all covered. But wait, they have even more. Avina is also powered with IOT (Internet of Things) which literally makes everything communicate with each other with the cloud.

IoT Integration with Hologram is similar to a brilliant buffet.


Their products are built with artificial intelligence to understand and collect data from the customers in order to increase your business. AI-powered face detection and understanding customers interest is the key data point to promote the products that convert to a certain customer.

Avina Pricing

All these amazing features are coming with a very small price package in Sri Lankan currency, because the product is fully made in Sri Lanka. All the hardware and software are done by Sri Lankan companies.

Screen panel size14 Inches19 Inches24 Inches32 Inches40 Inches
Initial price of hardware, software and cloud access. (LKR)75000105000145000175000225000
Monthly subscription for cloud and device maintenance.6450 LKR & 1GB9450 LKR & 2 GB 11450 LKR & 3 GB 15450 LKR & 4 GB 19450 LKR & 5 GB

Final verdict

The monthly subscription prices are for first allocated cloud space on each device, additional space will be discussed and allocated according to the contract. Sizes could be extendable according to the clients request. It may be bigger in size.

Who wants traditional advertisements anymore? Avina got holographics to show off.

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