All Mobitel USSD codes and SMS codes for Services

Mobitel is one of the leading Telecom providers in Sri Lanka. They give lots of facilities through their network for calls, SMS & data plan. Some of us don’t know all of them, so we are going to look after what their facilities & Mobitel USSD codes and SMS codes to activate and deactivate services. Check them out below.

1. What is the Mobitel customer care number

Call 1717.

2. Mobitel USSD code and SMS number for regular services

2.1 How to find Mobitel owner details?

Dial #132#

2.2 How to find prepaid balance in Mobitel?

Dial *100#

or call 141

2.3 How to check the postpaid balance in Mobitel

Dial 1456

or send YES to 4545

2.4 How to add a reload by card number

Dial *102*cardNumber#

or send your PIN to 141

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2. USSD codes to get Loan from Mobitel

Before you get the load, you should register first & you have to be connected with your Mobitel sim for more than six months to get the loan.

2.1 To get the loan from Mobitel for prepaid

Dial #247#

3. How to activate Prepaid roaming in Mobitel

Dial *102* PIN No. # and press OK

4. Texter plans for Prepaid Mobitel users

Mobitel offers a lot of services for their users. Recently they included Texter plans for prepaid customers. There are four different types in it; I put them on a table.

4.1 What are the plans available in Mobitel

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4.2 How to activate the texter plans

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Happy browsing!If you need any other details from Mobitel USSD codes & service, post a comment. We’ll reply within 24 hours.

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