All Hutch USSD codes and SMS activation codes

Hutch, one of the telecom service provider in Sri Lanka which provides voice and data services. Hutch provides many services and each of these services can be accessed from your mobile by running specific USSD codes or by sending a SMS to a specific number or by calling customer care.  This article will provide you with the ways to access the services offered by Hutchison and all the Hutch USSD codes to get a loan, check balance, offer, plan and alerts are listed here.

I. What is USSD?

Well, you might have heard of this, and seen this in all the carrier’s advertisements and manuals. but what do they mean?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

These USSD codes have to dialed in your phone’s dialler app.

1. Hutch USSD code and SMS number for standard services:

1.1 How to find Hutch owner identity?

Dial #132#

1.2 How to obtain prepaid balance in Hutch?

Dial *344#

or send BAL to 344

1.3 How to get postpaid balance in Hutch?

Dial *444#

or send BAL to 444

1.4 How to add a reload card by USSD code in Hutch

Dial *355*CardNumber#

replace the card number with the number of the card you wish to add. This will credit the reload amount to your account.

1.5 How to call Hutch customer care?

call 555.

To talk with an agent in customer care you should call 555 from a hutch network sim.


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2. USSD Code to Get Loan from Hutch

I would like to recommend you to not to activate Hutch loan until it is necessary. Their loan fee is little high when compared to other networks.

2.1 To get Rs 30/= loan from Hutch:

Dial *232*1#

Please note that you will be charged Rs 4.50/= including tax while repaying this loan amount.

2.2 To get Rs 50/= loan from Hutch:

Dial *232*2#

Please note that you will be charged Rs 7.50/= including tax while repaying this loan amount.

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3. Couple Sim, Free Minutes & Other Offers Codes in Hutch

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Do comment below if you are unanswered from the above post or comment below your experience of using Hutch USSD code services.

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