All Dialog USSD codes and SMS codes for Services

Dialog is one of the oldest mobile carriers in Sri Lanka offering its telecommunication services till now. like other carriers such as Hutch, Mobitel, Etisalat, Dialog also provides some USSD codes and SMS codes to access it services. let’s see them here.

1. What is the Dialog customer care number?

call 555.

To talk with an agent in customer care you should call 678 or 0777678678 from Dialog network sim.

2. Dialog USSD code for standard services.

2.1 How to find owner identity in Dialog?

Dial #132#

2.2 How to check Dialog prepaid balance?


or send BAL to 456

2.3 How to check Dialog postpaid balance?


or send BAL to 456

2.4 How to add balance by USSD code in Dialog

Dial *#123#cardNumber#

Replace the card number with the number of the card you wish to add. This will credit the reload amount to your dialog account.

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3. How to get Dialog loan using USSD codes?

Dialog prepaid users can get a loan from dialog whenever they are out of credits. Based on the services, they provide two loan services.

  • Data loan
  • Reload loan

3.1 How to get reload loan from Dialog?

There are two Dialog Reload Loan services as described below.

Automatic Loan – If you activate this service dialog will add loan amount automatically once your mobile balance reaches  Rs 0.00. To activate this service dial 356 or #356# and follow the instructions.

One Time Loan – In this service you have to request dialog for a loan each time. But one time loan can only be obtained when the balance reaches below Rs. 5.00  . Dial 356 or #356# to get this service.

3.2 How to get Data loan from Dialog?

Dial #356# from your Dialog Mobile and follow the instructions to activate this service.
Summary – Reload Loan:

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Summary – Data Loan:

3.3 How to repay Dialog loan?

Well, there are no specific procedures to repay the dialog loan. once you recharge above Rs 10.00/=, Dialog will automatically deduct the extra amount (that is the amount above 10/= ) to repay the balance.

4 Dialog USSD codes for other Value Added Services(VAS)

4.1 Job alerts Activation and Deactivation USSD code for Dialog.

To activate, type relevant Job Code and send to 678
Eg: Type ACC and send to 678

To Deactivate, type OFF relevant Job Code and send to 678
Eg: Type OFF ACC and send to 678

4.2 How to activate or deactivate News alerts on your Dialog sim.

To activate, Type <Code> and send to 678

Eg:- Type DERANA and send to 678

To Deactivate,Type OFF <Code> and send to 678

Eg:- Type OFF DERANA and send to 678

4.3 USSD code to activate or cancel Phone alerts.

To activate, type PHONE and send to 7466

To Deactivate, type PHONE OFF and send to 7466

These are some mostly used VAS services from Dialog. If you want USSD code for any other service refer dialog official site.
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