How to Activate Dialog Mobile Data Packages within Seconds

The Dialog is one of the best and oldest mobile carriers in Sri Lanka. They provide many types of data plans at present. But most users don’t know how to activate Dialog data packages quickly. You want the internet very badly at a situation and you couldn’t find a shop nearby? What to do? Some of you guys might know the ways to activate Dialog data packages at such situations, but others? I’m not sure of them. So today I’m here to list all the possible steps to activate Dialog data plans at any situation. Let’s dive into it.

Activate Dialog Data Packages

  1. Recharge Cards
    • Call 123 &¬†enter the PIN number of your card or just Dial *#123*PIN#
  2. Activate via SMS
    • If you have balance, you can convert it to data packages.
      Type INT <data value> & SMS to 678
      For ex:- SMS int29 to 678 to activate the Rs.29 value data package.
  3. Activate via Online
    • You can activate your Dialog data packages through online reloading.
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