About Us

LKpedia is all about Technology. We are here to help you to solve your problem by yourself. Here we share tech tutorials, gadget reviews, tech news and all kinds of things related to tech.

We Cover These Topics:

  • Tech How-To Guides
  • Tech News
  • Reviews

Our Main Goal

Our mission is to provide wide variety of quality tutorials and useful guides about technology things, who want to get deeply knowledge about it and have the eligibility to do something in their future. We want to spread the useful knowledge in the internet globe for free so that every person whether he/she, poor or rich get the knowledge for free and learn something new every day.

We are here since January 2017!

That’s right. We launched our Site in January. Even though LKpedia is launched recently, the content creators who create amazing content on LKpedia are well experienced in their domain. They have years of expertise in the industry.

The Founders

Every company has founders right? Like that LKpedia is founded by Kowsikanth and Thirukkumaran. They had a dream. That is to help Sri Lankan community with the technological queries.

Ignita – The Web Company

Soon after the launch, LKpedia is taken into Ignita, a Sri Lanka based web company. Since then LKpedia serves as a subsidiary of Ignita and shares the resources of Ignita.


LKpedia’s growth is unimaginable, and it grows exponentially. The users’ base is currently in thousands. We serve thousands of visitors monthly. We expect this visitors number to grow more.

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